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COR.E Dynamics

A systematic approach to optimizing leadership potential

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Leadership in the context of this framework refers to the ability of an individual to exert a positive influence on self and others. From this perspective, you do not have to be the Executive Director of an organization to think of yourself as a leader.


Many people are unaware of why they perform well in certain circumstances and poorly in others. Understanding that the nature of the energy you bring to any given situation is what determines the extent to which you are able to access your abilities and the resulting outcomes, allows you to proactively take steps to create consistent outcomes.


Optimizing your leadership potential allows you to:

  • Be more engaged in your life and work;

  • Reduce your stress;

  • Confidently make decisions;

  • Enjoy more focus and concentration.


The COR.E Leadership Dynamics™ methodology is based on the premise that how you show up – in terms of what you think, how you are, and what you do - impacts both the experience you will have in that moment, as well as the outcome.  This program helps you identify the various inner and outer elements that either help or hinder your performance. COR.E Leadership Dynamics will support you to take control of the factors that influence your performance, allowing you to remain engaged, satisfied, and increasingly able to experience peak leadership performance.


As part of this program, you will:

  • Create a vision with specific goals;

  • Identify and harness your performance “influencers”;

  • Practice 10 COR.E disciplines.


As a certified COR.E Dynamics Leadership™ Specialist, I will help you create your own “personal success formula” and develop the approaches and capacities that will help you achieve the best possible outcomes.  

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