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My Approach to Coaching


Each client is unique, and so is every coaching process. I partner with a client to design what works best.  It is the client’s agenda, not mine, that guides the sessions. My goal is to equip clients with the self-knowledge and the tools necessary to consciously coach themselves.


My approach to coaching is informed by research within the rapidly evolving field of neuroscience and firmly rooted in understanding the mind and body as one integrated system.  Although I draw on multiple approaches and tools, there are three conceptual frameworks that form the foundation upon which I tailor a process for a particular client – Polyvagal Theory, Energy Leadership ™ and COR.E Dynamics ™.


  • Polyvagal Theory: Created by Dr. Stephen Porges, the polyvagal theory helps you understand the physiological basis of your lived experience.  Below the level of conscious thought, your autonomic nervous system acts like a personal surveillance system constantly scanning for signals of safety or danger. By mapping your own nervous system, you will increase your awareness of your physiological state. This provides you with the insights you need to change automatic ingrained patterns that no longer serve you. 

  • Energy Leadership™: Developed by Bruce D. Schneider, founder of the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), Energy Leadership refers to your ability to understand and shift your own energy, hence affecting both how you show up in a given situation and how you are perceived by others.  Your level of energy leadership is directly correlated to your capacity to inspire and motivate yourself and others to take action.

  • COR.E Leadership Dynamics™: Developed by the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), this methodology is based on the premise that how you show up impacts both the experience you will have in that moment, as well as the outcome.  This program helps you identify the various inner and outer elements that either help or hinder your performance.


A Polyvagal Informed Approach

Understanding how your autonomic nervous system influence behaviours


Energy Leadership™

Mastering your ability to understand and shift your own energy

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COR.E Dynamics™

A systematic approach to optimizing your leadership potential

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