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Patrick Dubé

“Ever since Sandra and I crossed paths four years ago, I often joke that I finally managed to lift the veil on the man behind the curtain (referring to the Wizard of Oz). Her approach to coaching is both integrative and rooted in the neurosciences - a winning recipe for anyone interested in first discovering and exploring his or her full potential, and then pushing past the limits. In an increasingly unpredictable world in which adaptability, creativity and resilience are fundamental keys to success and achieving the impact we want to create, coaching has become an extreme sport! A discipline that Sandra masters with humanity, rigor and depth. Thanks to her, I was able to develop the stance and tools that I needed to approach difficulties and negotiate the obstacles that I encountered on my journey. And to do so with curiosity and compassion, staying aligned with the difference I want to make in the world.”

Catherine Houbart

“I would like to express my gratitude to Sandra for the coaching she did with me.   


First, the two group sessions allowed me to understand how our autonomic nervous system works. There I learned about the ways in which this system reacts to different stimuli, the notion of co-regulation, the fact that everyone can react differently to the same stimuli according to their own experiences and learning. And that these reactions often follow the same patterns, patterns which can be modified if we encourage and cultivate alternative responses. The 7 energy levels explored with the ELI assessment and the first coaching sessions allowed me to name and understand my reactions, especially in stressful situations. I became more conscious of my own patterns after our sessions and began a personal journey to establish new ways of responding.


I come out of this coaching experience motivated and better equipped to influence the world around me. At work, I am able to respond in ways that will be more effective, that will have a greater impact. In my personal life, I have discovered new approaches to relationships  – a way forward that is more rewarding for me and for others. I am convinced that many people would benefit from working with Sandra. More specifically, her knowledge combined with her sincere desire to empower people could support individuals and groups working for the environment to generate a greater impact. Something the planet really needs! "

François-Xavier Michaux

"I am a father, partner, social entrepreneur, executive director of a non-profit organization dedicated to social inclusion and an activist. It is with these life experiences, along with a desire to grow in knowledge, skills and how to 'just be' that I began working with Sandra. I got to know her both as a coach and a trainer in the context of a five-month program that combined small-group workshops with individual coaching sessions. 

Right from the start, I was drawn to the approaches Sandra presented because they were anchored in a science-based theoretical foundation and adapted to the contexts and needs of professionals engaged in social transformation. I was introduced to tools that complement those I had acquired in the past. Above all I found a lot of resonance with my own experience and the personal and professional challenges that I encounter in my daily life. I also encountered a safe space that enabled trust.  I found Sandra to be a very sensitive, competent, knowledgeable, attentive, professional, humble, committed and generous woman.


For more than 15 years, I have been working with organizations and individuals who are driven by their commitment to social change. I am deeply convinced that this community sorely needs to cultivate its resilience and resistance, both to remain engaged in the social struggle and out of respect for the health of those who work in this sector.  And I believe that Sandra offers approaches and content that have the potential to help our community move in this direction."

Mélanie Bisson

"One of Sandra's great talents is her ability to combine rationality and intuition; to be anchored in theoretical and practical knowledge while promoting intuitive thinking to guide reflection and give meaning to feelings during coaching sessions. This fine balance, combined with profound kindness and a touch of humour, both captivated and gave me confidence from the outset. 


Her approach allowed me to explore and better understand some of my own areas of resistance and my fears, be they well-founded ... or not!  I also was introduced to tools that more easily allow me to access my full potential. The ability to develop greater perspective or, as Sandra puts it so well, 'go up to the balcony', is without a doubt one of the fundamental tools needed to better navigate and change our uncertain world.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Sandra!"

Thomas Hilbink

"Sandra has coached me for the past year, helping me develop as a leader in my current role and think ahead to where I wish to contribute next.  I most appreciate that she bases her coaching in identifying the values that guide me. Her questions regularly push me to explore the layers in my thinking, uncovering and addressing challenges I didn't always realize I had.  She also knows when to offer her own reflections and thoughts.  Thanks to her I have a clarity about myself, my present and my future that is giving me confidence and purpose that I have too often lacked."

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