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Certified Leadership Coach

The pace of change in our world today has made it difficult for all of us to cope with the levels of uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity we face daily as individuals, organizations and societies. Many people are feeling stuck, overwhelmed or challenged in some way.


Most of my clients are seeking to increase their ability to meet current challenges more effectively. Others come to me because they want support facing difficult choices or decisions. One thing all my clients have in common is that they are ready to make some space in their busy lives to focus on their own growth. 

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About Me

My name is Sandra Dunsmore. I live in Montreal, and work with people all over the world as a coach, trainer and consultant.

I understand only too well the adverse effect of stress on how we function.  When I am triggered into a stress reaction it is as if someone flipped a switch. I lose perspective and the ability to fully access what I most need in the circumstances — my capacity to think logically and rationally, my intuition, creativity and the ability to connect and collaborate easily with others. 


Discovering ways to reduce and manage stress enabled me to fully access my capacities and regain a sense of agency, bringing passion and enjoyment back into my work. The perspective that I gained allowed me to see possibilities and develop creative approaches to old challenges.  


So, after 25 years of senior leadership experience in the areas of conflict transformation, peacebuilding and organizational culture change, I decided to become a coach. I made this decision out of a desire to support others in working consciously with their bodies and minds to live and work out of a deep sense of their authentic self.

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My Services

I support individuals committed to being a positive force for change — within their families, local communities or the broader world.  Individual coaching sessions are normally fifty minutes in duration and take place weekly or bi-weekly. Clients are required to sign a coaching agreement that explicitly lays out what they can expect of me and what I expect of them.


I work with small groups of four to six people. It can be a team of colleagues or a group of individuals who have come together and identified similar objectives for the coaching process. Small group sessions are normally ninety minutes to two hours in length.  They are specifically tailored to the objectives of the group and can run anywhere from three to ten sessions.


I offer introductory seminars and multi-session workshop series to organizations on a series of topics. (See My Services page for a list of topics.) A proposal tailored to the specific needs of the organization is developed following an initial exploratory conversation to reach agreement on objectives.

My Approach to Coaching

Every coaching process is unique. I partner with a client to design what works best.  It is the client’s agenda, not mine, that guides the sessions. My goal is to equip clients with the self-knowledge and the tools necessary to consciously coach themselves.


My approach to coaching is informed by research within the rapidly evolving field of neuroscience and firmly rooted in understanding the mind and body as one integrated system.  Although I draw on multiple approaches and tools, there are three conceptual frameworks that form the foundation upon which I tailor a process for a particular client – Polyvagal Theory, Energy Leadership ™ and COR.E Dynamics ™.


The Polyvagal Theory

Understanding how your autonomic nervous system influences behaviour


Energy Leadership™

Mastering your ability to understand and shift your own energy

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COR.E Dynamics

A systematic approach to optimizing your leadership potential

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